Understanding the Errors of eBay

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eBay has had a profoundly negative effect on the enforceability of U.S. patents, including patents whose validity is beyond doubt. With the likelihood of an injunction severely diminished, patent infringers appear less willing to cease infringing activity. In contrast to U.S. practice, injunctions are routine in Germany and other European countries and becoming so in Asian nations, particularly China, for all technologies and all types of owners. Investment money is mobile and flows toward the high-value assets. eBay has crimped patent rights and thereby diminished investment incentives in the United States. The result: reduced research and development, less job creation, lower economic growth, and diminished American global competitiveness. This cannot be what the Supreme Court intended, but it is how the Kennedy concurrence is being implemented by most district courts that ignore the less forceful Roberts concurrence. The time has come for the Court, or at least the Federal Circuit, to rescue America from this folly.

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Paul R. Michel & Matthew J. Dowd, Understanding the Errors of eBay, 2 Criterion J. on Innovation 21 (2017).